Collection: Kilim Rugs

This is a selection of different Kilim Rugs from Turkey, Iran, Jordan, or Iraq. We only sell vintage Kilims, meaning anything at least 20 years or older. These are unique, used pieces that have a story to tell.

Kilims are flatweaves historically created by Nomadic and Bedouin people in the Caucasus, Middle East and Asia. The tribal peoples used Kilims not only as decoration but for transportation, against the cold and many other uses. Apart from tent decorations and floor rugs, there are camel-, horse-, or donkey bags, wall hangings, tent dividers, door- and window covers. They were usually woven by women even before they got married.

Kilims were usually woven by women on a vertical loom that could be transported. In settlements also men were weaving rugs for commercial purposes and horizontal looms were used. Sometimes several people work several months on one single rug or carpet.

Many steps go into creating a handcrafted Kilim. This includes  sheering the wool, spinning the wool, preparing the wool for natural dyeing, hand dyeing the wool, creating designs, weaving using different tools, weaving, washing and hanging to dry.