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RustiK KorneR - About Us

We are RustiK KorneR - Ban and Bastian. Ban is from Iraq and has lived in Jordan, Germany and the US. She travelled Syria, Egypt and the UAE. Bastian is from Germany and has visited the MENA region including Lebanon, Syria, Tunis, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. Between 2016 and 2021 we have lived in Jordan. We love traditional Middle Eastern, Oriental interior design and products. These range from vintage Kilims and Carpets from Iraq, Jordan, Turkey or Morocco, Metal & Brass Lamps from the Souqs of Egypt, Furniture with Mother of Pearl or Mosaic from Damascus, Syria as well as other unique Artefacts and Artworks.

Together we founded "RustiK KorneR", a space, where we share our excitement for Middle Eastern, Oriental Interior Design. A curated shop with a small inventory of unique products. A place where you can read and inform yourself about the origins of these wonderful items. Beyond this, we decided to create our own products, using vintage Kilims or alike and create something new with a modern touch. Orient meets Occident, just like us. Yours Ban & Bastian. Enjoy reading, exploring and shopping.