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Experience the rich culture and history of the Middle East with vintage treasures from Rustik Korner. Our family lived in Jordan and traveled to many countries in the region, hand-selecting each piece of our collection of rugs, furniture, and kilim pillow covers. These authentic and rustic pieces, directly sourced from the heart of the Middle East, including countries like Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq, will bring a touch of exotic elegance to any bohemian-inspired home. Visit our website rustikkorner.de and discover the unique stories behind each piece, and make your home truly one-of-a-kind.

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  • RustiK Korner - Unique, vintage, Oriental Funriture, rugs, carpets, Syrian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Turkish, wool, wooden, Mother of Pearl, Brass, handmade, woven, flatweaving

    About Us

    From 2016 and 2021 we have lived in Amman, Jordan with our family. We love Traditional Middle Eastern, Oriental Rugs, Carpets, Lamps, Wooden Furniture, decoration, weavings and more...

    About Us 
  • Arabic living room, with Syrian furniture, mother of pearl, rugs, carpets, artworks, woven baskets

    Our products

    Everything we sell here, we personally selected. We have travelled the Orient extensively and met exceptional artists, craftsmen and merchants from Erbil or Istanbul, Amman or Rabat, Tunis or Cairo and beyond...

    Our Products 
  • Wadi Rum Jordan Desert

    Living in Jordan

    Over the past years Bastian developed a blog about Living in and Traveling around Jordan. You can read about Life, Food, Travels, Touristic sites and much more on

    Living In Jordan 
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