Collection: Vintage Gift Boxes - Mosaic Boxes, Trinket Boxes, Jewelry Boxes

This is a collection of Mosaic Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Trinket Boxes, Gift Boxes

We have collected many different kind of boxes from Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Morocco. Each of these  little gift boxes are unique and have a different design and pattern. You can use the vintage wooden boxes for jewelry, small gifts, or anything else.

Boxes from the Levant

The boxes from Jordan and Syria usually feature an Islamic Mosaic pattern. They make use of different woods such as rose wood, cedar wood or lemon. the wooden boxes are covered with the beautiful patterns using these differently colored woods that create a wonderful picture on the outside. Sometimes you also find inlays of mother of Pearl.

Boxes from Egypt

Mosaic Boxes from Egypt are usually crafted from a variety of woods, Mother of Pearl, and camel bones. They come in different shapes such as rectangles, treasure boxes, hexagon. There are different sizes from small to large. 

Boxes from Morocco

Boxes from Morocco are often made from Thuya wood or other woods. Many of the boxes have some hidden mechanism to open them. Again, they come in different sizes and different shapes.